Celestine Vumila Matindi

De indrukwekkend brief van Celestine Vumila Matindi een dochter van Destiny.

Brief Vumulia

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My story: Celestine Vumila Matindi

I joined Destiny Visionary School in the year 2010. As Destiny as a mason. I had stayed home for quite a long time and that was why a man decided to help me.

By then, I neither knew how to read nor to construct a simple English sentence. I used to admire young girls and boys who used to read fluent English. I remember them laughing at me one day when I failed to count one to twenty in English when the teacher had asked me to do so. Nevertheless I did not give up and I practiced this day by day till I became used to it. My passion of knowing how to read became more and more and I hoped that one day I could read and count correctly.

On free payment I was not worried since my sister had agree to do so by the time I was brought to school. But things turned different by the end of the first term. I was one day send for fees but she refused to pay and argued that she was not the one she had admitted me to that school. I hopelessly went back to school and this did not change. Every term he had to come t school empty handed till the headmaster became tired of it. After I stayed for long without being send home for fees I was when I realized that the school was providing me free education.

My efforts of becoming the best and pleasing those who were sponsoring me were boosted immediately. I got good teachers who could help me achieving my goals.

Since my standard three class I was workingmen hard mainly because I wanted to know how to read and also to please my sponsor.

I realized myself and knew that I was in school not only to pass exams and become the best but also my life was building this foundation at this school. Having in mind that I was holding my life, I made up my mind, and hit the nail on both ends since I had in mind that prosperity does not just come on a silver plate but I had to work on it. I did my best to choose good friends who good make me better and could work with me hand in hand on the weakness so as to make them a strength. Luckily the school had good teachers that could consult and be informed on the many things I needed to know.

I worked to my level best no matter the challenges I faced while at home. I still recall sleeping very late in the night and waking up very early. Not because I liked it but it was the only time I could study when I was at home, cause the rest of the day I had to work, work and work. This did not tire me since I knew it was written: “The ones who does not work will not eat”. Sometimes the electricity was switched off but I still I could not give up.

Fortunately as Destiny, mu parental school, good teachers were there who could counsel and guide people who faced life challenges such as I was. They gave my advice and encouraged me to take hearts since that could passed away.

Destiny was and is the foundation of the spiritual part of me. When I joined Destiny I knew God was there but I did not know who was Jesus to me. Who was I myself? And why did I live?
I found answers of all the question in Destiny, where Madame director Miss. Ngombo became my spiritual mother. She thought my how to pray, who I was. She gave me a pocket bible and also thought me that I did not live in this world because I had to suffer but there was a purpose of living. I also learned how to fast, something I could not do before.

Afterwards good teachers who could sing were brought and I being a good singer had found a place where my talent was going to be activated.

I stepped out of Destiny in the year 2015 having 366 marks in KCPE. This was lower than my expectations but I had to agree. I joined St. Joseph’s Girls High School At Kibwezi in Makueni county where I want to make my own history. A history of being the best in the whole county. I want to do so not only to please my school but to please my primary school who found my a sponsor to join secondary, because without that people I was hopeless. Destiny became the answer.

My advice to anyone who want to benefit from Destiny is to encourage you to work hard, to do your best, to be disciplined, to be prayerful ad thankful. To be disciplined not only to others but also to yourself. Making sure you respect your friends and teachers. Doing the right, no matter how many people of friends to the wrong. Always desiring to be the best and working to be, consulting teachers no matter what they may tell you, no matter what other say.

My sincere gratitude goes to almighty God. For his provision, surely he provide for those who are empty handed, for ending up in a good school ,  Destiny. I thank him also for his direction to the right people that could help me stand.

Also to the school management for their sponsorship, hard work of employing good teachers and other non teaching staff that made sure I was in school getting the best education both spiritual as mentally. Also for their kindness and compassion. They were kind to me. Not getting tired of my status at home. My almight God please bless Destiny, may the make the school grow larger so that it is known all over the county. May God send his messenger to Destiny once again!

Thank you spiritual mother, thank you director Kenneth, thank you headmaster Patrick and all who have facilitated me being a daughter of Destiny. May you all live long be the power of God, so you may live to see my prosperity.

Celestine Vumulia.


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